Friday, September 21, 2007

To spit or not to spit !

Have any of you ever wondered what a spittoon feels like?
Wait till I enlighten you with an account of my misadventure last year...
Coming back from work, I was crossing the main road outside lifestyle, which to the uninitiated is one of the craziest roads if there is one in hyderabad. Suddenly this monstrosity( an Apsrtc bus) takes me by surprise. I was not particularly caught off guard by the sudden appearance of this grotesque apparition, but by its excretion!!!I felt this projectile which struck me on my cheek.When I felt it with my fingers, I realised I had a sticky situation at hand. Some nincompoop travelling in that very monstrosity was in a good mood to involve himself in a spat. And spotting a charming pedestrian like yours truly ( accuse me of massaging my vanity, but an apsrtc bus is one of the few places where I turn out to be the best looking chap!) he'd found his victim. He launched his chewing gum for my face and his aim was spectacular.
After debating the legality of the culprits relationship with his mother or sister in a fit of rage, I started rushing home with one hand covering the affected areas of my face. I suppose a bloke running with a thinker pose can be quite an amusing sight. I did see an odd passer-by giving me a very bemused grin. The thought of it actually sent me into sudden fits of laughter myself but being at the receiving end, I was'nt particularly amused. Still I sported a smile. I could imagine Jagjit dedicating a few lines to me
"Tum itna jo, muskura rahe ho,
kya GUM hai jisko, choopa rahe ho"
After reaching home, I could'nt help thinking of the man who I strongly believe changed the face of mankind. My gratitude for one Mr. King Camp Gillette got the better of me. After all the disposible variant of his invention saved my face. I dearsay it was a Shaving grace at an eventful end of a bad day.As for me, having written this piece, I am hoping not to lose or split any more hairs thinking about this incident.


Anonymous said...

I think this was the time you should have used your camera to good end... no harm attaching how you looked after that MISHAP!

-- HV...

And oh ya.. don't loose any hair.. what will happen to the Gregory Peck look then?

Sudhir pai said...

@ HV
He he! i did'nt have my camera then...[:)]
I'll do it the next time I'm "stuck" somewhere!