Friday, February 22, 2008

50 ways to lose your lover!

My apologies to all Simon & Garfunkel fans, for corrupting the title of one of their songs. But then it is an apt title for this post. Ever wondered how two geeks discuss their love lives? Or the lack of it? read on...

Statuatary Warning: This a geek peak into a conversation between two S&G fans.

B: hmm... put somehow all the happenign women with the right perspectives on life...dig the classics & know their S&G, and I've not met one in a while...:(

M: dude you kidding?
and the ones you talking abt, make very entertaining dates. But that is it!

B: [:)]

M: he he!
dating them is good fun
but you'd prefer simplicity over sophistication when you looking long term...
he he!

B: been pondering over it dude for sometime ...
i think there's nothing simpler than S & G, nothing easier on the back than a bloody 20 kilo backpack ...yadayada
sophistication and simplicity can be heavily loaded words :)

M: ha ha ha!

I'll tell you this from experience....
if you ever date a woman who knows her S & G , you'll end up singing " I am a rock" to yourself....


B: :)))))))))))))))

twas a good one M :) But there's sumthin about women who know their SnG.....

M:trust me!

B: u betcha :)

M: May be it's not all that bad in the beginning...but later...

B: naah..

I think it starts with "feeling groovy", when u've just come thru a "boxer" phase

M: ha ha ha!

B: somewhere along the way u have "kathys song"

M: thats only after you've sung "bridge over troubled water" a million times! and being an S&G fan herself, she wouldn't buy it so easily...

B: ive known very few women who know their SnG and Ive havent really dated all conclusion of mine are bound to be conjectural...

M: you realise you never get to sing "wednesday morning 3 am" after "Kathy's song", instead you end up singing "cecelia" and feel like "the only living boy in new york"

so i never let it go beyond the "dangling conversations " path...


B: Drat! I wouldn't want to be labelled the "most peculiar man"

M: Christ! you "think too much" man. We wouldn't let that happen. what are "old friends" for, anyway?

B: ha ha ha!