Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Lady in Black Heels

A lady in black heels,
In a black gown to match
And a soft fragrant white hat
Gracefully following my lead
Her footprints etched for good
Leaving an impression wherever we went
But our affections start to disappear
Much like her footprints do 
When I’m not satisfied
I never am when she
Starts seeming less sharp
We try again 
We fail again
We turn the page
Same route 
Different paths 
But she starts to age, real fast 
As she shrinks with time, I grow 
Up as a writer, and away from my pencil,
Now feeble and shrunk, 
Unable to match my lead
A pale shadow of the lady in black heels!
She remained faithful till the very end
But me? I move on
To yet another lady in black heels.
A love story that continues to be written.