Friday, March 18, 2011

Writer's block, and the subsequent tackle...

Yes, ladies and gentleman. I am a victim of the writers block. And I confess, I didn't have the courage to admit this 8 years back, when I first detected it.

Way back, during my years in an Engineering College, I first encountered this difficulty in crafting a sentence on paper. Initially, I blamed it on the exuberance of youth and gladly ignored it along with all other things of little significance, like life, health, remote chance of having a girlfriend and an even remoter(Is that really a word? I couldn't say. Bloody writer's block, I tell you.) chance of having a flourishing career as an Engineer in Electronics. Right. Okay. That didn't go so bad, so I'll continue.

Couple of years later, I felt the need to do something about it, because it was starting to show on my grade sheet. Yes, that's true. The only marks I scored in Engineering was on account of my ability to fabricate concepts that were hitherto unknown to science itself. But then, my inability to put it on paper cost me a few grades. It wasn't funny anymore. At least the examiners used to have some entertainment to look forward to, and now those privileges were denied to them.

After crawling out of Engineering College, I invested some time on a blog at LiveJournal with a hope to see some returns, of my ability to write at least. But then, it wasn't meant to be. I first blamed it on bad vaastu, and changed the blog address to Blogspot. A year later, I could identify a grand total of three readers of my blog. Clearly encouraged by the progress I'd made, I started working on two more blogs. And I even started contributing to two other blogs. Hell, I even took up a job where I was required to write. And if all this wasn't enough, I even started writing status messages on Facebook. Surely something good had to come out after all this.

Today, 8 years later, after 5 blogs, 257 posts, and 389 status messages on FB, and mugging up all the dialogues of Taare Zameen Par, I've decided to stop fooling myself. I've embraced the idea of living with this 'special' (in)ability, and have reconciled. If you reached this far, you'd have already guessed that I surely wouldn't have a clue as to where this piece was heading. So let me not subject you to this anymore.

The end.