Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is not the title of my latest blog entry!

Have you ever had this serendipitous experience of inadvertently saying something fascinating and then later being awestruck by the sheer brilliance of it?

The other day,I finally understood why “The swiftest traveler is he that goes afoot”. So if you are given to believe Wren & Martin for rules of grammar, “I’m a liar!” is a simple statement.But,think again. So how would you classify a sentence like “I’m such a good liar that I actually believe everything I say”. Well, when I said this the other day, I just couldn't believe it. If I may venture to say so, the rules of grammar are, in reality, very illusive.

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve not deciphered anything that’s written here, you’re better off thinking it was not written by yours truly.