Wednesday, November 16, 2011

God Tweets

On the 94,612,288,345,980th day, I created a twitter account. And thought it was good

What all do I need to do just to boost the number of followers. #only176200281followerssofar

Don’t blame me for your problems. It takes millions of years to create fossils. #Petrolcrisis

Sharon Osborne. It wasn’t your dad who created Canni-bus. Say it right!

Now for my favourite reality show – Life. #MUHAHAHA

I’m bored of tweeting. Let’s try creating a facebook account now.

I’m getting bored here. Lets create some new religions.

Hey. You think all I do is judge you people down there. I have a life!

Stop writing so many books in my name. I’m losing count. #Religions

When he came up with relativity, Einstien was playing dice – God.

Nietzsche is dead – God.

Damn it! I’m not the one batting at Eden Gardens! And no, I’m much taller than 5’4”.

What gave you the impression that I’d like to be woken up by bad singing on Sunday mornings?