Sunday, May 4, 2008

Poetry in Conversation

A friend ( who we'll affectionately refer to as "Small Wonder") and I found an interesting way of Killing time. We make poetry out of scrap! check it out...


Where art thou?
I'd like to ask thee
How u doin pai?
Are u taken or free?


Blessing is it,
Or is it a curse,
Free as I am,
To reply in verse.


Free as you are
So am i!
Was goin thru friends
And saw sudhir pai.


So good it is
To hear from thee
What friendly tidings
Do you bring for me?


Life is a drone,
It's just work and work.
Is it the same for you
Or do better things lurk?


Life, a drone? is it?
A vacation is what you need,
To charge up your batteries,
Your creative cells doth plead.


A vacation has proved futile
For my sense i havent got back.
Sometimes sane sometimes senile
It's the fun that i think i lack :(


Work life is hectic,
But it is not a bore,
I pray it's better,
For you in Mysore.


Not hectic as of yet,
But yes, it is a big bore
Staring all day at a black screen
Is more than just an eye sore!


I thank thee for the pleasure,
I had a great time,
To speak of my listless life,
In lines of decent rhyme.


Haven't written like this
For donkeys years
Thought you would gladly oblige
For you possess the ear!


These lines I’ll cherish,
And keep for posterity,
Some day I pray we meet,
And laugh at our preposterity.

:D, Thanks, Small Wonder! Orkut's never been so much fun! [:)]


Wordpsmith said...

good stuff pai!!

Anonymous said...

long have I waited
to post my comment here
but my words just don't sound as
good as yours, I fear

constraint it may be
to make these lines rhyme
but no better way can there be
to kill some computer time

it's a skill i must acquire
writing rhyming nonsensical sense
for that however i require
a bit more aesthetic sense (?)

like i said...

it gets progressively harder
and the words take over the matter
as the rhyme takes over the sense
and there appear words like wherefore and hence

:D Good Stuff from you guys!

Sudhir Pai said...


nobody's a great poet,
neither SW nor I,
that does not stop us,
from giving it a try,
yours is a great attempt,
I do not lie,
and it'll get better,
so here's a high-five!


meow said...

loved it.. :)

alole said...

and i...
still smiling :)

Sudhir Pai said...
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Sudhir Pai said...

Lines of poetry,
could measure a mile,
If only I knew,
It could elicit a smile.

Keep Smiling!