Thursday, March 4, 2010

What do you name your child?

I believe Brian Lara named his child Sydney, because he scored his first century(277) at Sydney. I wonder if Sehwag would name his daughter Bloemfontein or his son Multan for similar reasons. Or can you imagine a Faisalabad Singh Dhoni? Or a Chennai Sachin Tendulkar.

Now that brings me to my own kids, when I have the honour of Christening them. Should I name them after my Favourite Holiday spots? Blair Pai sounds good, after Port Blair. And then come Hampi Pai, Gokarna Pai, Palolem Pai, Pondi Pai. But why only after Indian Places? Taipei Pai sounds interesting. Or Fremantle Pai. La Paz Pai sounds uber-cool. Wont say the same about Harare Pai. Or Timbuktoo Pai. My kid would surely disown me if he were named Addis Ababa Pai.

Probably I should name them after my favourite authours or books. Somerset Pai? Holden Pai? Moriarty Pai? Corleone Pai (as opposed to Zynga Pai)? Joseph K. Pai? Jerome K. Pai? Harper Lee Pai? Alan Moore Pai? Actually Osamu Tezuka Pai sounds perrfect!

That does it. It's either Osamu Tezuka Pai, or it's Calvin Pai (of Calvin and Hobbes, not Klein.)


Purely Narcotic said...

Ganguly named his daughter Sara after Sahara Cup '97, remember? :)

Sudhir Pai said...

Yea?? I didn't know that. But yea, he definitely had a splendid Sahara Cup. I think he was both, the highest run-getter and the highest wicket-taker.

Pallavi said...

my brother was very fond of his classmate called Pallavi.. and insited that my parents give me the same name... weird reason!

I have decided to combine my grandparents name and give that to my child...

PS: hope you are not planing to have as many kids as the options you have suggested in the post

Sudhir Pai said...

In our line of work, we make it a practice of giving lots of options, which can always be used again. so yea, just in case I do end up having so many kids, we certainly not running out of names. :P