Thursday, April 1, 2010

My daily bowl of Pai-sm

Yea, my new hobby is soon becoming an addiction of sorts. So much so that I've limited my thoughts to 140 characters.

Here are some of my favourite FB status messages:

An awesome creative exercise for budding copywriters - writing a new FB status everyday.

Always have a long and controversial status message. Only the jobless will respond.

Sudhir Pai is a semi-machine gun that resembles an MP5, of Norwegian Spirit, on its way to NY City! Just SHOOT ME!

Said Perf, "I keep waiting and waiting, and then if I still don't find a reply for my message,I know it's you".

I just failed miserably in the "How well do you know Sudhir Pai?" quiz.

Everything is fair in love and 'mafia wars'.

" Is there a face-Booker prize for the best status message?", asks VJ.


soul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pallavi said...

Can’t believe my self after reading the headline I thought the post is about some Dish...need to really think beyond food !

I tell you all this twitter, FB and gtalk updates are so addictive, the min you have new thought- thrz an urge to post it!

A nice post again Mr. Pai

Sudhir Pai said...

@Perf: please accept credit with apologies!

@Pallavi: I was wondering who soul is, and will you leave a link to your tax-free thoughts once more? Let me add you to the blogroll.

Pallavi said...

yeah didn't realise was signed in with my offical id.. anyway