Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Two-Cow theory on the cricketing field

There's a theory explaining your economic leanings based on what you would do if you owned two cows. If you had two cows, and give one to your neighbour, you're a socialist. While if you had two cows, and sold one to buy a bull, you'd be a capitalist. So for a post on Cricket Fauj, I extended this analogy to the cricketing world -

Indian Cricket - You have two very healthy cows. But you start marketing the calf, and even invite tenders through a bidding process offering 1/10th the ownership.

Pakistan Cricket: You have one cow and a bull. But you sue the Bull's testicles and ban it from participation until further notice.

Sri Lanka Cricket: You have two not so healthy cows, and you rely on BCCI Capitalism for the fodder.

English Cricket: You don't have cows. But the ones in your shed are either Pakistani or South African.

South African Cricket: You only have space for two cows, one being reserved for black cows(okay, Afro-african cows to be politically correct).

Australian Cricket: You have two cows. Both of whom are on the verge of retirement.

New Zealand Cricket: You have two sheep, who are forced to play the role of cows.

West Indies Cricket - You have two cows, who'd rather graze on greener grass fields in India.

Zimbabwe Cricket:You have one cow, but its abducted by Robert Mugabe

Bangladesh Cricket: You have two calfs who dont show signs of growing up to be cows.

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