Saturday, May 26, 2012

Much Inspired

As a kid, I'd raised myself on a diet of highly inspiring hindi cinema. True story. They were the perfect side order along with Maa ke haath ka khana (Transliteration: Mother's hand-cooked food). The movies were usually full of endearing gems like a woman pleading with a testosterone-charged Shakti Kapoor, "Bhagwan ke liye mujhe chood do" (Transliteration: Leave me alone for god's sake). To which, he'd laugh nonchalantly with a quick remark," Arrey, agar tumhe bhagwan ke liye chood doon to mein kya karoon? Prasad khaoon?" (Transliteration: If I offer you to god, will it get me one extra packet of moti choor laddoo?).  After which, the lady comes back with torn clothes, and declares, "Mein tumhare bachche ki maa banney wali hoon" ( Transliteration: Now you are so screwed, man. Wait till my hero brother comes and kicks your ass! What were you thinking when you tore my top?)

It takes great amount of skill to come up with those corny dialogues. No doubt. I can't forget the knowing smiles on the faces of the audience, who anticipated these dialogue much in advance. Where have those writers gone? I don't know if they still dish out screen plays between cups of tea, brought to them by one chotu from Ramu Kaka's road-side stall. But I think the post-90s liberalisation gave these fellows many alternatives. I know many who still entertain their fans by writing official emails in the corporate world. The only difference being, they don't need the proverbial Ghar ki jawan beti ( Transliteration: In-house bimbo) anymore. They just have the language, which they "mother+sister" by "reverting" from behind and "touch base" to their heart's content.

I can only imagine what kind of inspiring quotes that will come from the desktops of these connoisseurs of the cliche.

"Dont think about what the country does for you. Think about how you can value-add to the country with your vision for a sustainable business of manufacturing nuts and bolts"

" I have a dream. That one day, I will turn this into an organisation that manufactures highly advanced Hawaii Chappals with out-of-the-box thinking."

" Be the change you want to see in this organisation, which is committed to manufacturing butter-knives with cutting-edge technologies"

" All our dreams can come true – if you have the courage to align your thinking with the company's vision of manufacturing tricycles that can transform lives. Because at the end of the day, our target group is growing."

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