Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Careless Whispers

Ever played the game of Chinese whispers as a kid? Yea, that game where you form a circle. Now you are given a piece of paper and asked to carefully read out the smart-ass line given to you.You memorise it by heart and whisper it out in the ear of the person standing to the right of you. Continue this exercise till it reaches the one to the left of you. What the last kid says usually yields a hilarious outcome. By all appearances, this is a harmless game that families can indulge in during get-togethers.However, it's similarity to rumour mills is hard to miss. Here's a sample:

Siddhart and Deepika went out to get some ice-cream

Siddhart and Deepika went out some place where everyone screamed

Siddhart and Deepika went somewhere everytime she screamed

Siddhart and Deepika went out for sometime till that night she heard him scream

Siddhart went out with that Deepika woman who'd never stop screaming

You know how Siddhart dated Deepika until she screamed in a public place

You have to hear about Siddhart's ex, Deepika who'd always scream at a public place, like at a beach

Poor Siddhart. His ex, Deepika always screamed like a b#$@% at a public place.

Po da! Siddhart only went out with this girl who was next seen with Deepak in public
And finally - Breaking News. Or rather, Breaking-up News. Siddhart was seen at the beach, screaming at his ex, because she's now going around with Deepak. Join us in an exclusive coverage about this development as Arnab Goswami digs up all the facts.

( P.S. Play the game at your own risk.Nudge!Wink!)

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