Sunday, February 10, 2013

Get Going!

Get up. Get a cup of coffee. Get to the gym. Get back. Get to the shower. Get some breakfast. Get dressed. Get a rickshaw. Get to office.

Get working. Get a break. Get some thinking time. Get some time off. Get on FB. Get an idea for a status message. Get some Likes. Get another assignment out of the way. Get a few more on the work desk. Get a headache.

Get some more writing done. Get hungry. Get some lunch. Get a sugar craving. Get drowsy. Get briefing on another job. Get worked up. Get a game of Table Tennis.

Get impatient. Get distracted. Get a call from random insurance company. Get an opportunity to get out early. Get caught up with an "urgent" assignment.

Get done with work. Get out in time. Get stuck in traffic. Get a call from friends. Get to closest pub. Get chatting. Get a beer. Get to meet an interesting woman. Get to know she's with her boyfriend. Get one big KLPD. Get depressed. Get myself another beer. Get back home late.

Get ready for bed. Now I get thinking, "How do I get more out of life?" Maybe get real? Get a girl? Get serious? Get out of town more often? Naah! Let's not get carried away. Think about it when you get to that bridge. Get a book, and get reading. It's 2 am, get some sleep.

Now I get it! I think I first need to go get a life!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was about to say, "Get wise"; when I realized that you'd just got that.