Thursday, September 5, 2013

Charged with...wait for it...

Yes, I confess. I'm guilty. Of procrastination. Of spending several days thinking and planning what needed to be done yesterday, only to put it off for tomorrow. Of taking matters in my own hands, and then conveniently sweeping it under the carpet when nobody's watching, only hoping to miraculously pull it out later, along with the rug that the very same people were standing on. I plead guilty of all this and more.  I could of course present the end that could justify my means in this very sentence. But then I think I’ll save that for later. In the last paragraph of this hearing, which I’ll be able to write the first thing tomorrow morning. After I’ve slept over it. Perhaps.

You see, I don’t intentionally delay my actions by a day at the very least. It’s just that I was born that way. A full fifteen minutes later than scheduled. And that was because the doctor on duty was delayed by a train he missed. Only because the man at the counter insisted on tendering exact change. Which the good doctor had to produce only after a detailed excavation of his briefcase. One should never rush in the matters of such financial transactions after all.

Now you’d say 15 minutes is hardly a delay. What it did to my life however was cascade it into a ledger full of backlogs. I learned to talk at least 15 days later, joined kindergarten at least 15 months later, learnt to cycle at least 15 years later, and learned to ask a girl at least 15 lifetimes later.( I once had asked a nice girl out on a date, but only went to pick her up on the wrong date.)

This handicap of mine also seems to rub off on people I deal with. The newspaper reaches 20 minutes after I get out of the pot. The maid walks in one hour after I’ve done the dishes. The paycheck gets credited one week after I’m broke.

But let me assure you. It’s not that I while away hours, waiting to finish any job long after it is due. I’m just incradibly busy trying to ride an ocean of tasks that were previously shelved. But about a month back, I had an awakening of sorts. I decided to do something about this, and went and picked up the first tome I could find on time management. I took some time out to read and implement these changes into my life. The book on effective time management took me more time to read thank I had imagined - 23 days. Which is why, I was forced to write this piece a full month after I first thought of it.

I know I should not end any blog post abruptly. But honestly, would you care to spend any more time reading a piece like this? With this responsibility in mind, I rest my case.

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