Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Kid on the Blog !

Its been a year since i wrote my first blog entry in livejournal, which incidently was my first attempt at blogging. I run four blogs now, and will probably contribute to a couple more blogs, but i still remain the infant i was a year back as far as blogging is concerned. As a writer( or a person who makes an attempt at writing...bleh!), me still clinging on to my brainchildren protectively, so hardly made any progress in this one year.My first entry remains one of my personal favourites, and here it is...

As I write this entry, I shred the last vestiges of trepidation. i finally overcome my inhibitions, without shame or remorse.Contrary to what the name of the blog would blatantly suggest( the name of the blog being "writers blog"), I am not much of a writer but if you probably decipher the pun, you'd figure out that I do have my sympathies for the someone who claims to be a writer.

I think Benjamin Franklin said something to the effect that an individual should always attempt to do something that'll get people to write about his endeavours, or write something about what he does. Well, I never really found this quote inspiring( which is self explanatory given the fact that I could'nt quote Franklin verbatim), though my years in Manipal (what I believe was my creative playground) taught me that the second half of Franklin's quote was the better half…err, more attainable.

Coming now to my engineering years, my exploits in Manipal are what legends are made of (note the sarcasm!). Till date the only test I've taken whose results bear an A+ is my blood test. Also the faculty of E&C in MIT Manipal are known to preserve my answer scripts for the sheer entertainment it provides them. So I am somehow convinced that my memoirs should make an interesting reading.

Sometimes, situations in life leave me at a complete loss for words. Adjectives, alliterations, exclamations, superlatives et al, all absconding me and leaving me vocally challenged. It would take a wizard to conjure a few words within my comprehension to facilitate the description of my thoughts but owing to my feeble powers of narrative, I’d still imagine the accounts of my experiences to be grossly inadequate in terms of closeness to reality. Given my shortcomings, I endeavour to entice the reader with experiences that totally changed my outlook towards life. If however, my entries turnout to be very sporadic, I implore the readers to decipher the pun in the name of the blog.

Welcome to my world !

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