Monday, July 2, 2007

Home Improvement

The latest acquisition happens to be a digicam. Been fiddling around with it eversince.Just a couple of shots i clicked from our living room. Do check out all the paintings on the walls. Mom's masterpieces, all of them. Many more to follow.


The Greatest Midget said...

wow! awesome work! does she sell these? they're amazing!
btw have you listened to everything i gave you? :)

MISSquoted** said...

Oh your mum's painting don't disappoint...I especialy like the perspective into the forest...very convey my enthusiasm to the lady herself :)

Sudhir pai said...

@ Ajit:
:) its amazing is it not? Even though she did'nt go out of her way to sell her paintings, she did manage a find a few buyers and she has indeed sold a few in the process. I think i need to be her agent and try looking for prospective buyers. would you like any of these decking up the walls of your restaurant? ;)
i've been listening to verve, still to check out the rest, it'll take me a while. i'm gonna review verve soon.I have a few posts in mind already. This one's a dedication to you. :)

Sudhir pai said...

I'm so thrilled to know an Art connoisseur like your esteemed self finds my mom's work worthy of appreciation. Thank you so much on her behalf, and will convey your enthusiasm verbatim.
I wanna do a detailed feature on my mom's works in one of my entries. That should happen soon enough! do check that out!