Thursday, July 26, 2007

Have you ever seen the rain?

My worst fear is monotony. And with mediocrity being a humble accomplice, monotony easily strengthens its grip on my life. Having made this discovery some time during my graduation, i've always tried to explore newer realms of activity. Though my explorations have never yielded anything of significance, it has surely affected my interests. If I may say so, my interests over the years have "compounded", yet they remain "simple". Which brings me to my latest interest-Photography. Its been something of a lifesaver; it floats my boat in seas of ennui. When my temper slips from its moorings, it is lead back to where it rightly belongs by my latest interest.
Monday seemed like an acronym for monotony unlimited on the 23rd. And then there was a respite. The dark clouds "flashed" a silver lining...and then it rained! It was a blessing. For some reason I still cannot fathom, it stimulated my imagination and took me out of my narrow,humdrum self. I could'nt resist capturing the moment.
On a lighter note, I've come to realise that the rain patterns in a city often reflect the attitudes of its people. At least in the three places that i've lived in namely Bombay, Hyderabad and Manipal(not really a city!), the rains behaved very much like the residents of the respective areas. The rains in bombay work overtime like the quintessential mumbaikar, oblivious of the surroundings,come rain or storm(metaphorically speaking). Its counterpart in Hyderabad is extremely lethargic and laid-back. Extermely inconsiderate of the people who depend on it. One often gets the impression its about to rain, but the overcast conditions flatter to decieve. Its eventually a whole lot of wind. And when it begins to rain, it goes through a characteristic Hyderabadi "light lele mama!" ph(r)ase and lo! There is light! The sun in all its splendor.The rains in manipal however, like the students who reside in the university town require a deadline to function. It is hardly seen during the year and it piles up all its torrents for the examination months of May-June.
Using this analogy, i'd like to extend my observational induction to the city i'm likely to move to next - Delhi. I imagine the rains in Delhi behave like the babu's who bring life in its entirety to a standstill, and who need to be bribed periodically with prayers.Ah! Now I know what Jim Morrison meant when he said "Petition the lord with prayer".He was probably suggesting how one could overcome a shortage of rainfall in Delhi.


Anonymous said...

Pai - What would you imagine Kolkata rains to be like??


Sudhir pai said...

interesting!never gave it a thought. I guess rains in cal would go on a strike, in protest of some really important happenings all over the world that deserve their attention like say the hurricane in muscat, the sand storm in dubai, the wet summer in london or drought in b'desh.[:)]
and of course Brazil's victory in copa america!

Sudhir pai said...

i mean they'd excuse themselves from their routine existense to celebrate brazil's victory!

amrit said...

Just went thru ur blog 2day... It's amazin! D variety of ur posts is grt! Keep writin more. Added u 2 my blogroll... :-)

Sudhir pai said...

Hi Amrit!
thanks so much for those kind words.
I tried opening your blog, but i could'nt even access your profile page. Please leave your blog address the next time. I must say your comment was most encouraging. Keep reading!

Sandeep said...

Hey Pai,
The Delhi rains have their charm.Ive seen the biggest hailstones in the hottest summer there..
Good to see u've been particularly nibbly this July :)

Keep em coming.
PS:Didnt know u dug CCR!

Sudhir pai said...

I love CCR dude, among many other bands though :P
at least have you ever seen the rain happens to be my fav CCR track!
ah...finally got yourself a blogspot account.lovely! thats where i'm headed :)
finally some good stuff to read...

Jayashree Bhat said...

Hiya! College's begun (yay!) and hence went offline for some time.

It's raining as much as ever in Manipal. The second pic's amazing! Very South India...
Oh, I'm no photographer. I just use my cam phone whenever I find something which looks nice.

Sudhir pai said...

I Wish I had a camera when I was in manipal.I always there was so much scope for good photography in manipal. Man!
have a blast!

amrit said...

Well, d url is