Friday, November 2, 2007

Spit Wide Open

We Indians have always taken a lot of pride in our free society. So much so that it’s forced upon us. A child is forced to believe, “ We live in a free world; we have no choice”. One of the pleasures of living in a free country like India is the pleasure of spitting like the world is your personal spittoon. Being an Indian, it’s your birthright to enjoy your share of spits and spats. I was at the receiving at not so long ago. Recently,a few ladies in hyderabad were at the receiving end of some hospitality from their paan-chewing hosts as they were passing by a street. Subsequently, they raised a paan-demonium at the police station. Fortunately for them, the ladies did have their share of listeners.

The authorities now have woken up to the fact the freedom does indeed come “at a price”. So now you can spit at a woman for Rs.50 only. To make the pricing even more attractive, if the lady is in the company of a man, one can spit at him for no additional costs. The authorities with their capitalistic ideologies do know how to set a “Fine” example for the citizens of this great country.

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