Thursday, September 25, 2008

Harsh Comments - Comic Relief !

Yep! Another comic strip on the cards. I'm really excited abt this one, and cannot wait to get it started. But before we get started on that one, I feel really nostalgic and all, so I'll subject all you readers to my first comic strip online.

[ the roll of drums]

If you want hard-hitting, ground-breaking and volatile journalism, you have wandered way off the map. Harsh Comments is an opinionated, biased and completely untrustworthy look at society through the eyes of Harsh Screwalla (yes, there's only one W). The characters and situations in this strip are reasonably fictional. Any similarities to people/incidents in real life are a wee bit conincidental.

Oh and if you notice a mildly irritating surfiet of puns in every strip, why, thank you!


swatilekha said... we need reservation for the category which is defly a minority...the General category..!

Sudhir Pai said...

he he!
as Harsh Screwala famously(as he'd like to claim)said "i have my reservations on the subject!"

Anonymous said...

finally something!!!

Prasad said...

Hahahaha! Nice one Sudhir, Harsh kinda looks like you though :-)

Sudhir Pai said...

Finally a comment from you! [:)]
the things I have do to get a comment from you, he he!

My good friend, Ramanan was the artist. I'm now starting to wonder who he modelled harsh on? [:)]

Salil said...

Ha ha! I have to agree with prasad, the resemblance is subtle but uncanny. But being left out, definitely sucks! :)

Sudhir Pai said...

hey Suri!!
you've been out of the radar man,
where have you been??
good to see you on the blogging front once more!

Anonymous said...

I object! This is an old one! To think I got my hopes up... :-(

Sudhir Pai said...

@sam: You were forewarned! Anyway, I'm working on a new comic strip, I'll be uploading links to that one shortly.

Anonymous said...

Suriboy and I were talking the other day about how we fervently hope that you keep this running.

Else y'know, harsh comments might just be coming your way;)

Sudhir Pai said...

I'm working on something new right now! BTW Harsh is still on a holiday...[:P]