Tuesday, February 24, 2009

25 wierd ramblings

The other day a friend complained that this blog spoke very little about me. That's a first. There's a tag i got on FB. Here it is :

1. I recently discovered the true meaning of my first name in a book, which is “someone who’s considerate”. I’ll say as much about myself.
2. Only 5 out of the 25 I’ve tagged call me Sudhir.
3. Was madly in love with music. Our love-hate relationship has survived over 7 years.
4. I love reading. Anything that comes my way.
5. Love talking about movies, comics, graphic novels, cricket, history, travel, err…women (still trying to figure this one)!
6. I love writing, do it for myself.
7. The best pieces I’ve written are letters and notes to friends.
8. I love food. I love culture. I love immersing in both.
9. I was born non-vegetarian. Now a vegetarian by choice.
10. I hate the idea of religion. I love the idea of spirituality.
11. I love my Independence.
12. My ideas on politics are my own.
13. My earliest memory as a kid is sitting on the floor with my Ferarri GTB and Dad’s Atlas(some 1960s edition). And then visiting a new country every day. From Ceylon, to Siam, to Singapore, to Hong Kong, to LA, to NY, to London, to Venice, to Cairo, to Dubai, and then back to Bombay.
14. I love sitting with my clip-board, pen and paper, and then think.
15. I hate my hair; I’d rather shave it off.
16. I love Perfumes. Davidoff Echo is a must!
17. I love dreaming. As an engineering student, I’d dreamt of advertising and of becoming a freelance writer. As a copywriter, and after a stint of freelance writing, I continue to dream.
18. I enjoy my space. I grant people their space and expect those people to do the same to me.
19. I have an obsession for organizing the folders on my system.
20. Ever since I’ve stayed away from home, I’ve valued friendship. And I must say I’ve been very fortunate to tag 25 people for this post.
21. Staying in touch with the people who mean the most to you should never be an obligation. It is a pleasure, which should be savoured.
22. I think between the best of friends, silence communicates more than words do.
23. Quizzing is a passion. It continues to open my eyes.
24. I want to master writing, in Hindi and Urdu.
25. I’ve been struggling to write a song. Poetry seems simpler.


sam said...

first off, your blog could talk nothing about you but still speak volumes :)

second off, i rebelled against this very same tag coz its way more info than i want to share!

finally, i like the space thing. same pinch!

Sudhir Pai said...

well, I thought you'd notice my previous entry which was a tag from you.

and besides, quoting Siddhu, this post of "25 things about you" is like a mini skirt, it conceals more than what it reveals.


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Pallavi said...

wow! that's some insight into you, such a 'this is me' list !

Sudhir Pai said...

@pallavi: why is it that i don't get to access your blog?

Pallavi said...

don't know that.. but here is the link in case you would like to try again