Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love All

Talk of a consistent scoreline! Well, I guess some things choose not to change that fast. Or at least they seem to respect this day of the year, with only one exception. Let me explain. I've been using Feb 14th as a frame of reference, and a review time for the years ahead. And yet, I'm always at the safest position, that of making a fresh start. Probably that, or just that I've been so madly in love with beginnings. So much so that my realtionships(???) of the lack thereof are no more than fresh beginnings. So am I happy? I guess so. Just as anyone is at the prospect of a fresh beginning. ;)

So here's to you who was first love, till I decided to grow up. And to you, who knew the best way to end a relationship that just started. To you, who "didn't like the way our friendship was heading". Or you, who thought "we were just friends". To you, who'd do nothing to "lose a friend". And to you, who'd marry the ex anyway. And also to you, who thought I was too nice a guy to be a rebound. Happy Valentine's Day!


Pallavi said...

nice.. ! hmm.

Sudhir Pai said...

@pallavi: Cant remember the last time this blog got so many comments in noe afternoon. :P
you definitely made my day.

Pallavi said...

oh comeon! your blog is so much FUN !! enjoyed reading each post... will dig into the archives soon :)