Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not so smart anymore

You may be wondering why I’ve returned to my blog, a tool belonging to an era which was still recovering from the disappointing Season 14 of Simpsons, when surfing still needed a 5-metre board, and when a man’s feminine side was his wife. I regret to say that I have lost my Smartphone. Yes, it’s a loss that’ll take me some time to get over. I think of it every time I hit the snooze button of my morning alarm, when I tuck the day’s newspaper under my arms knowing I’ll have a lot of waiting to do, when I actually use a piece of paper to note down a number and when I’m forced to visit my office on Sundays just to do something as insignificant as uploading this post.

It gets worse. I was forced to look for the phone book that I hadn’t used since I got my 3300 in 2005. I now resort to looking around or reading a book every time I hop onto a bus. I was forced to rummage for my 80GB hard drive for old mp3s, and to listen to which, I’ll have to turn on my old desktop. Internet radio, you suggest? Broadband connection, I ask you? Did you need one when you have your Smartphone? I probably need to go back to getting my connection again. Gosh, so much of work just to update my Facebook status.

By the way, did I also tell you I don’t have your contacts anymore? Yes, I know I never called anyway. Well, to tell you the truth, I never really had the time. There was so much to do with my phone, that it kinda slipped my mind to call you all once in a way, if only to remind you how much life sucks any way.

So here’s wishing you all to go back to your respective mailboxes, and send me your numbers again. I know, I know, I’m speaking a language that’s extremely archaic. I’m hoping you just bear with me for sometime, after I find my way to the bank (no maps on the phone you see), make my credit card payments (no m-banking you see), and then hopefully if I still have any money left, head to a store to pick up a new phone. I assure you, after that things will return to normalcy, and we can all go back to playing Mafia Wars with each other as if none of this ever happened. Cheers.


DDey said...

Classic, Mr. Pai.

Okay, back to Angry Birds.

Sudhir Pai said...

ha ha ha ha

Uczeń Królestwa Niebios said...

Pozdrowienia z Warszawy przesyła Tobie, Grzegorz!
Czy chcesz żyć dłużej niż tysiąc lat?

Sudhir Pai said...

Nie jestem Greg, mój przyjaciel z Warszawy.