Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things I want to do before I…

I believe I was born in Kerala. Why do I make a big deal of it, you ask? Well it’s because it still remains my biggest life accomplishment. If you can overlook my previous to-do lists that is. Because I’ve a hunch the last time I tried to come up with a list like this one, I may have listed another accomplishment as my greatest ever. Like the time when I learned to tie my laces. Or the time when I got my tongue to touch my nose. Or even the time when I cracked my first pun. Or the time when I completed one full paragraph without one (none here, see!). Coming back to the things I want to do, but without a deadline (To be read as things I’ll never really do). So here we go.
1. Become the official blogger at the Playboy Mansion
2. Go back to classroom, just to get the class do a silent Mexican wave every time a prof turns his back
3. Start a local chapter of Fight Club…and then run for my life
4. Go back to college, and scream inside the library
5. Get a letter published in Penthouse
6. Challenge Mike Tyson to 15 rounds at the Caeser’s Palace on PS2
7. Become Shane Warne’s wingman
8. Write the lyrics of an obnoxious Bollywood number like “ tohra dil ka theatre maa…dil diwana booking advance maare re…”
9. Sing the above song at a Karaoke
10. Attempt to list down 100 such things to do without a deadline.

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