Friday, August 10, 2012

Ten Indian Pacers

(Wrote this in the morning thinking of our fastest men and their problems. To be sung to the tune of Ten Little Indians, the nursery rhyme.)

Ten Indian pacers erring in line,
Ishant went home limping, and then there were nine,
Nine Indian pacers trying to lose some weight,
Praveen fell off and then there were eight,
Eight Indian pacers aiming for the eleven,
RP’s hibernating and then there were seven,
Seven Indian pacers practicing slower-ball tricks,
Munaf now bowls Off Spin, and then there were six,
Six Indian pacers practicing the dive,
Vinay couldn’t get up and then there were five,
Five Indian pacers who are playing lot more,
Irfan’s now a batsman and then there were four,
Four Indian pacers on a T20 spree,
Dinda’s left his game there and then there were three,
Three Indian pacers wondering what to do,
Sreeshant’s turned to acting and then there were two,
Two Indian pacers bowling in the sun,
Zaheer’s already cramping and then there was one
One Indian pacer always on the run,
If Umesh hurts himself, then there will be none.

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