Thursday, April 3, 2008

Baby's Day Out

Meet Needhi, my two year old niece and my favourite muse. Ain't she a buttercup?


joker said...

So cute! I think your niece is adorable!

By the way, if you like jokes, do drop by my blog and have a laugh...


Prasad said...

Very cute! Cant say that Chacha pe gayi hain :-P

Sudhir pai said...

@joker:ha ha ha! will visit every day!

@prasad: WHAA?? didn't you spot a resemblance??
sigh! [:(]

"kidding" ! But you gotta admit, baby photography is no child's play!Thank you! I'm so flattered!

Me having the last laugh as always! ha ha !

Anonymous said...

is she the one who made fun of the superfuzz big muff on thy face? :)

She's a buttercup, alright!

Sudhir pai said...

naah! that was my cousin who said that ! man you remember these details dont you?
needhi was here earlier this month, and she was more than obliging as a muse![:)]

Anonymous said...

You surely don't want me to tell where we were when you told me that. :D

And I could hazard a guess and tell you what you were wearing too!

our lives are made
in these small hours
these little wonders,
these twists & turns of fate
time falls away,
but these small hours,
these small hours still remain

Sudhir pai said...

awesome lines...
I'm so touched!
thank you for smoking!