Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What do you think of me?

Well, I could never elicit a response to the above question. So I thought I'd shift my imagination to the top gear and try and figure out how people spoke of me in college. I'll try and list them down in a chronological order. Do keep the caveat in mind that any resemblance to real-life incidents is purely intensional.

1. Girl 1: Hey! Here is a side-splitting intro. This chap is from my class. I'd never noticed him till today, after one whole semester. And he says, "Hi! I'm Sudhir Pai, Roll no.271" and smiles gleefully. Ha ha ha!

2. Guy 1: This dude's wierd man, his favourite pastime seems to lying on his bed and gazing at the ceiling in contemplation. That's till he forces himself to fall asleep.

3. Guy 2: Just check out this guy who walks with a limp. Hyuk hyuk! I can see his legs cry for mercy when tries playing basketball.

4. Guy 3: The intensity which which he stares at something below the bench in class gives you the impression he's still coming to terms with his manhood. But then out comes Ayn Rands "Fountainhead" at the end of the period.

5. Girl 2: "I never worry. I wouldn't want to exhaust my emotional reserves on something so trivial" he says. Psycho!

6. Guy 1: Dont even bother asking him if he's joining us for dinner. He's busy, daydreaming

7. Junior Boy 1: Why didn't you tell them you know Sudhir Pai. They wouldn't have ragged you. He's the secretary of the Society of Personality Development

Junior Boy 2: Society of Personality Development? Is he a gym instructor?

8. Guy 2: Can he stoop any lower? He's now directing a play with the first years. And he wouldn't even have the numbers of the first year chicks, which is besides the point. And he expects to compete with people of his age with a bunch of first-year kids.

9. Guy 4: ha ha ha! this chap says he's from the Literary and Debating club, which is neither Literary nor has any debating.

10. Junior Boy 1: Pai's team has won three quizzes on the trot. we'll beat them the next time, I think I have a measure of him.

11. Girl 3: There he is with that woman discussing books again. Doesn't she find him intimidating? He's the kind who probably thinks the rest of us are dumb!

12. Guy 5: Oh Boy! He's an associate editor? really?? Of all the exceptionally brilliant guys from our batch, they found him as the most suitable candidate?

13. Girl 4: Oh the guy does an Sania Mirza imitation in Mock Press today. when asked about the balls bouncing he says " For the bounce, it's not the surface that matters. It's all about how you stroke the balls" ha ha! naughty boy! And the others couldn't match up to his wit and spontaneity. So we simply declared him non-competitive. He he! That'll give the others some chance!

14. Guy 6: Pai says he wants to get into advertising. Ha ha! He sure has some imagination!

15. Girl 3: The guy does a bhangra for an ozzy osbourne track and Jives for a hindi movie track. Crazy!

16. Guy 3: The guy runs a Comic strip online. I see where he gets his inspiration from. His Life!! har har! what a cartoon!

17. Girl 4: Now Pai runs a blog where declares the world is full of pseudo- intellectuals like him. And he even knows all his readers personally. Some 10 vela people just like him. Hey Bhagwan!


MISSquoted** said...

What? Me? Vella?
You got another thing coming Pai boy.

Sudhir pai said...

ha ha ha!
no thats what somebody else had to say about me...
so you are on my side, aren't you...

Anonymous said...

I'm still to put names to the guys and girls.

But I think I guessed the 'Hey Bhagwan!'

Sudhir pai said...

And i thought I'd covered it up well,
so much so that even those who i've quoted verbatim, couldn't possibly imagine it was them...[:)]

Prasad said...

Lol! I am vela!

Sudhir pai said...

ha ha !
I'm so indebted to all the vela people in this world, let us sing

" All the vela people
Where do they all come from?
All the vela people
Where do they all belong? "

in the tune of Eleanor Rigby

Velapanti Rocks!

Anonymous said...

And he even knows all his readers personally.


Sudhir Pai said...

@ SAM:
tch tch! I guess I do overrate myself at times! OK, i reiterate, Of the 10 people who read this blog, I know 90% of them personally...

But I'm eagerly waiting to meet the other 10% of my readers.