Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Battered Hymn of the Democracy

(This was written to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic)

Mine eyes have seen the folly called election of the president,
Which is usually a post that involves only giving your consent,
But the parties behaved as if its more for future than present,
And they all kept muttering on,

Sorry! Sorry! PA Sangma,
You'll be going back home to mama,
'Cause Raisana prepares for a drama,
As Pranab da marches on,

It should rightfully be Kalam, that's what the public really said,
But this was a news that filled the ears of UPA with dread,
With Kalam in the picture they were simply losing their heads,
So the presidential race was on,

Sorry! Sorry! Dear A - P - J,
We wanted to see you have a field day,
"I Wont Race", you said, and you had it your way,
As Pranab da marches on,

So congrats Pranab dada, you've found your way to win,
Even though Mamata didi almost made your margin thin,
Now practice your signature even before your term begins,
As reality will soon dawn,

Glory! Glory! President in waiting,
You'll deal with stuff that's more irritating,
After 5 years, you may find it suffocating,
As Indian politics blunders on.

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